Learning to drive – lesson#16

Today’s lesson went well.   We did a few roundabouts, parallel parking, turn in the road and turning at junctions with traffic lights.  One big lesson learnt today was that I shouldn’t take for granted that the road ahead will be clear upon exiting a roundabout. 

Just as I got off the 3rd exit at one particular roundabout, a bus pulled away from its stop.  I’ll be honest.  I didn’t see the bus, and I certainly didn’t see it pull away.  I was too busy thinking about changing gears.  My instructor alerted me to the fact that the bus was pulling away and I almost hit the gas pedal instead of the brake!

I was slightly shaken up after that.

I could do with a bit more practice with parallel parking.  I should also stop dry-steering and start locking the wheel in the midst of manoeuver when doing the turn in the road.

I’m also a bit slow to change into a lower gear when approaching roundabouts.   In theory what I should be doing is braking gently when approaching roundabouts (especially busy ones), switching into a lower gear and then driving on when the coast is clear. 

I’m taking a break from lessons next weekend.   I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I’m looking forward to having a lie-in.


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