Learning to drive – lesson #17

I was glad for a break from my driving lessons last weekend.  I got to lie in, and I didn’t have to stress about remembering how to parallel park.  I resumed my lesson today, taking me up to session #17.   ‘Let’s see how much you’ve forgotten’ was what my instructor said to me as I got into the car.  Quite a lot, it seems! 

I almost drove into the wrong lane for exit #2 at a roundabout.  I kept taking my foot off the clutch too quick and ended up cutting out once while waiting to turn at a roundabout, with a big bus behind me.  Thankfully he didn’t beep and I put my hand up to apologise.

I did rush a little, but eventually I warmed up and had better control of the car.  We didn’t do any manuevers today as the roads were very busy, but that’s all ahead of me tomorrow, along with my first attempt at reversing around a corner.

I’m hoping to get to lesson #24 before Christmas, and my test is booked in the new year.  Right now, I don’t feel prepared to do the test so I might end up deferring it.  It’s not the test which is bugging me.  It’s what comes after that matters more.


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