Learning to drive – lesson #19

Today’s lesson was a massive improvement from last week.  I kept my cool although I stalled at the first roundabout (releasing my foot off the clutch too quick) at the start of my lesson.   We practised independent driving and the roads were fairly busy and will remain so leading up to Christmas. 

I thought today would be just about independent driving but I was wrong.  We pulled into a housing estate and I had to reverse around a corner.  I did it ok the first time with my instructors guidance, and at the second attempt, I did it on my own and it was a decent enough attempt.

My instructor then got me to do parallel parking not too far from the corner where I did my first manoeuver.  I used the pizza slice analogy, but I appeared to have eaten too much of the first slice! I was told how to correct it and the parking went ok.  He got me to have another go, and I did the same thing and reversed the car in too close to the curb but knew to lock the wheel going the opposite way to park the car in. 

We drove off and found another housing estate and I did a turn in the road.  When reversing, I had one hand on the hand brake, lost co-ordination and forgot to lock the wheel completely.  I have 5 chances to complete the turn and for the first time ever, I didn’t complete it on my first attempt.  I wasn’t too pushed about it to be honest.  I need to enjoy driving and to be in control of the car.  I can’t afford to have a meltdown every time something goes wrong.

Lesson #20 tomorrow.   £460.


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