Learning to drive – lesson #20

If I had done my driving test today, I would have failed within the first 5 minutes.  I pulled out too quickly when exiting a roundabout and only then realised the coast wasn’t exactly clear on my right.  Whoopsie.  My instructor was cool about it and if it didn’t bother him too much, then I wasn’t going to lose sleep over it. 

I was rather excited about lesson #20.  There’s safety in the knowledge that I’ve done 19 lessons and am less of a danger on the road compared to lesson #1.  Except for the little stunt I pulled at the roundabout at the start of my lesson. 

Today, I struggled with reversing around the corner.  I couldn’t judge how much I needed to turn the wheel.  I tried 3 times and made a dog’s meal out of each attempt.

I was quick to remind myself that I only learnt this manoeuver last Sunday and without practising, there is no way I can get it right so soon.   I’m only doing 3 more lessons and then I’m calling it a day this side of Christmas and will resume lessons in the new year.  I know now that I will be deferring my test until I’m ready which won’t be in January.


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