Meal plan week commencing 5th December 2011

Daily 2.5 – 3 hour commute, 9 – 10 hour working days, lack of daylight does eventually take its toll.  I’m crawling to the finish line which is 3 weeks ago, and the break over Christmas couldn’t come at a better time.   I’ve just ordered a take-away for our dinner tonight which doesn’t bode well for a healthy start to the week, but it does mean the food will be here in 10 minutes with very little washing up to follow.  I haven’t done any grocery shopping so let’s see how far I’ll be able to stretch the butternut squash sitting in my fruit bowl.

  • Monday – butternut , carrot and lentil soup
  • Tuesday – leftover soup
  • Wednesday – dhal and omelette
  • Thursday – baked butternut squash and porcini mushroom risotto
  • Friday – chili con carne

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