Learning to drive – lesson #21

I was feeling rather rusty today and it showed in my driving.  My movements weren’t altogether fluid like they normally are and I cut out twice.  I kept forgetting to check my left/right mirror before indicating and the first time I cut out, I rushed to exit a roundabout.  

The high streets were incredibly busy due to Christmas shoppers.  There was a big truck parked on my side of the road and really I should have waited behind the truck while traffic on the opposite direction got through.

My parallel parking was fine, as was the turn in the road.  I must remember to keep observing all around me.

When there was 6 minutes left in my lesson, my instructor told me that he was going to look for a corner for me to reverse around.  I told him 6 minutes wouldn’t be enough.  I remembered my lesson from last week and took my time reversing and judging the space.  I did it in less than a minute. 

I’m going to swap test slots with one of my instructor’s students.  He is ready to do his test while I could do with 10 more lessons.  If I had my own little car to practice in, then I’d keep my slot, but unfortunately I don’t.

2 more lessons and then I’m going to take a break until the new year.  I didn’t think I’d get this far and I’m glad I started lessons when I did.


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