Learning to drive – lesson #22

I had my second last driving lesson for the year today.   The roads were less busy at 9.30am on a Sunday.   We started off with independent driving.  I hesitate with a hill start – it was a busy junction and I forgot to bring the clutch up to the bite.  I didn’t stall but was conscious that the car was rolling back and there was a BMW right behind me.  I got out of the junction, but I knew had it been a test, I would have lost some points.

All of my maneuvers were fine, except for, you guessed it. Reversing around the corner.   I just need more practice.  Maybe if I pushed my test to November 2012 I’d have time for plenty of practice.

As it turns out, I’m doing a swap with one of my instructor’s students who is booked in for a test at the end of January. 

Lesson #23 next Sunday, and then I’m taking a break from lessons until the New Year.


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