An early xmas present

This is the sight that greeted us when we got home from work this evening just before 8pm.

To be honest, we knew it was bound to happen sometime.

The emergency glazer is in and we’re still waiting for the police.

I left a note through my neighbour’s letterbox.  He rang me to say that he had actually heard something but thought we were moving a dresser or something in the house.  He has CCTV and microphone installed and turns out the scumbags smashed the door at 19.18 with our garden brolly.  He played back the tape but there was nothing to be seen. However the mic picked up the noise of the glass shattering and the scums scampering and running off in a vehicle.  They must have seen our neighbour in the conservatory/seen the lights come on next door and aborted the mission.  

The trains were slow today which is why we ended up coming home together.  Otherwise, one of us would have come home to the above.  



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