I am clearly off my rocker

I’ve just texted my dad to say the only thing I lost in the attempted burglary on Wednesday was my peace of mind.  I decided to at least try to get back to some form of normality yesterday and spent an hour cooking in the kitchen.  I was very jumpy and afraid of my own shadow.  Everyone said that the burglars don’t come back (so soon at least), but I don’t buy it.  My FIL said I was off my rocker (Irish for you’re mad) for staying in a hotel when his house was broken into while we were visiting two years ago.

I had my department Christmas lunch earlier which continued  into post work drinks.  I went back to the office and stayed at my desk until 8.30pm as I was afraid of being alone at home.   As you can tell, I’m clearly off my rocker.

The other half was going to his office Christmas party and I asked if he’d be home by midnight.  I came home and turned on all the lights in the house and watched mindless shows on telly.   He rang about 30 minutes ago to say he was going to stay for one more pint with his mate and wouldn’t be home for another 1.5 hrs.  That was at 12.30am so I’m guessing he won’t be home before 2am.   My next door neighbour told me that someone tried to break into his house a week ago (which he failed to mention to us a week ago), and that it has taken him a week to start feeling safe in his house.  I guess I have another 5 days to go.

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