Learning to drive – lesson #23

I had my last driving lesson for 2011 this morning.  To be honest, I should have cancelled it as I am still worrying about the house and I know you shouldn’t get behind the wheel in a stressed out state.

Still, I gave it a go.  The lesson started with the usual independent driving.  The roads were pretty busy due to Christmas shoppers, but I got on ok.  I did a good turn in the road, a passable effort for reversing around a corner (please don’t let me get this in my test), and decent attempts at bay and parallel parking. 

My instructor was pleased that I hadn’t committed any serious mistakes, but then he spoke too soon.  We approached 2 mini roundabouts.  I was telling him about how annoyed I was with my neighbour who lives to our left.  There was an attempted burglary at his house 2 weeks ago and he didn’t think to warn us.  He then dropped a Christmas card through the post box yesterday and it said, ‘Happy Christmas’. No ‘hope you guys are ok’ or, ‘let us know if we can help in any way’.  Anyway, I was ranting and failed to pay attention to the car coming around the roundabout on my right.  My instructor slammed on his brakes and grabbed the wheel.   Phew, accident averted.

Guess what he did after? He just laughed and asked me to continue my rant. 

I really should have cancelled today, but it is a good lesson learnt.  Keep your emotions in check when driving.


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