Learning to drive – lesson #25

I had my 25th driving lesson today at 8.30am.  The roads were unusually busy.  I was rather hoping for a quiet spin – no such luck.

We started off with independent driving which I rather enjoy these days.  Apparently if you do your test on a Sunday, the instructor may get you to drive down a route which has a 50mph speed limit (as opposed to 30 mph).  We’re going to try out this route tomorrow.

I did 3 manoeuvres.  Bay parking was fine.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of reversing around the corner.  Once the car is parallel to the curb, turn the steering to the right to straighten the wheels.  I messed up my parallel parking, but am not too bothered as I know I’ll do better next time (I hope).  What threw me was a learner car ahead – my instructor pointed out that he recognised the person in the passenger seat.  It was an examiner, which means the driver was on his test!  He had to reverse around a corner.  I guess it does happen.  I drove past him and mentally wished him good luck.  That’ll be me in a few weeks’ time.

Lesson # 26 tomorrow.  We finally bought a little car for me to drive in.  It has 6 gears so Hubby’s happy.


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