Learning to drive – lesson #27

It was very cold and icy when I started my driving lesson at 8.30 this morning.  Thankfully the sun started shining soon after and the temperature rose to about 3 degrees celsius within the hour.

The drive itself was rather uneventful.  I remembered to check my mirrors a bit more today, which was a positive improvement from the last few lessons.  Unfortunately the person I swapped my test date with failed last Wednesday due to a mistake made 2 minutes before the end of the test. 

The positive news is that I’ve driven our new little car around.  This evening, I drove us to Sainsbury’s and back.  Hubby guided me in bay/reverse parking in the car park which I found stressful.  Earlier, I filled the car up with petrol at BP.  I think I need to clock a good few hours driving the car before it feels comfortable.  I cut-out  at a junction, the car jerked a little and I even got flashed for driving slow (I was pulling out of my driveway for god sake) despite having my L-plates on.  

I might be doing my lesson in the next few weeks – I have a date booked but I’m trying to swap it for a Sunday.  I’m a bit nervous about driving post-test (assuming I pass), but if I keep driving the little car, I should be ok.


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