Learning to drive – lesson #29

I knew the national speed limit for a single carriageway was 60mph. I just didn’t think I had to do the speed today.  My instructor told me that we needed to cover one last route just in case it came up in my test.  The roads weren’t overly busy this morning but people were out and about.  I get nervous driving at 40 or 50 mph so to do 60mph was a big deal.  I did it, and got over it, but not before I asked the instructor to cover his brakes just in case.

We only had time for one manoeuver today, but I more than made up for it when I drove Hubby to our favourite garden centre for brunch.  I ended up tailing a little milk truck and couldn’t overtake for at least a minute.  I saw traffic building up behind me and I could feel telephatic message sent my way from those cars egging me to overtake.  I finally got a chance and put my foot on it to overtake.  We had a lovely brunch and as I drove out of the garden centre, guess who was ahead of me.  The same milk truck.

Lessons learnt today:

  • when approaching a junction, brake gently and ease into a lower gear, rolling into a stop.  Don’t speed up to the line and brake suddenly.  The latter was something I did all week in our little car
  • plan ahead – if there is a bus stopped to let passenger off, overtake only if the road ahead is clear
  • stay calm, don’t panic and don’t rush

Lesson #30 tomorrow.


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