Learning to drive – leson #30

Reversing around a corner – the bane of my existence.  I made a dog’s dinner out of all attempts during my lesson this morning.  After my lesson, I drove out to find some corners to practice on, with Hubby in tow.  I will get tested on 1 out of 4 manoeuvres.  Please don’t let it be this one.

I then did some independent driving along the test route.  I broke the speed limit of 30mph and did 32mph instead, but still the car behind me kept driving up the rear of my car.  I was tempted to brake suddenly.  Driving gives me road rage.   Someone once told me ‘better late than dead on time’.  I think I’m going to get that made into a car sticker. 

Lessons learnt today:

  • Don’t panic – you end up makin stupid mistakes
  • Do plenty of observations when parking/reversing
  • Don’t rush – give yourself time to think



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