Meal plan week commencing 30th January 2012

Whilst everyone we knew seemed to embark on a post-Christmas healthy regime, both Hubby and I founds ourselves slipping into some old, bad eating habits.  We’ve been getting what I’ve been referring to as the hardcore train at 6.40am to work every morning.  An early breakfast necessitates a pre-lunch snack – unfortunately, our food choices have led us to biscuits, chocolates and sugary treats.  We’ve been getting for around 7 – 7.30pm, absolutely cream crackered from the earlier starts – many bowls of cereal have replaced hot dinners.  So while January has been a complete wash-out, we’ve I suggested to Hubby that we go cold turkey on processed treats and try detoxing for 2 weeks.   Can we do it?

  • Monday – steamed bok choy,  miso tuna
  • Tuesday – vegetable chili and couscous
  • Wednesday – japanese tofu curry
  • Thursday – leftover tofu curry
  • Friday –  Thai-style fish cakes, egg and peas fried rice

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