Of slinky the dog, popping out and mouse-hunt

We’ve been rather rushed off our feet over at Casa Gcroft since mid-February.  Work has been very demanding and we’ve been surviving on take-aways, IndoMi and very simple cooking at home.

The monotony afforded by the daily grind was broken by a lovely visit from our young friend Matthew and his parents last weekend.  There was no reason to subject them to IndoMi so I devised a familiar meal plan for the duration of their stay – risotto, confit duck, Japanese-style chicken curry, strawberry pavlova and peach/raspberry slice. It was just the excuse we needed to make a bit of an effort in the kitchen and feed ourselves home-cooked food.  Young Matthew is an avid fan of Toy Stories – he brought along Woody, Buzz, Bullseye and a stowaway Slinky the Dog to stay.  It was fab to see you guys – come again soon!

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the ‘hardcore’ hours I was putting in for too long.  Last weekend, my body went into protest-mode and 2 of my ribs popped out.  A visit to the chiropractor sorted the problem out but the inflammation took a few days to dissipate.  Which meant very little cooking was done and we resorted to eating out.

The inactivity in the kitchen meant that some of the food cupboards weren’t being accessed regularly.  When they did, we realised that there was a mouse in the house.  It had gnawed away at my pandan paste bottle, bag of baking beans and my oven gloves.  We brought Chomy-cat (neighbour’s cat) into the kitchen when he came to visit yesterday to see if he could suss-out the mouse situation.  Unfortunately, the poor lad thought I was about to stuff him into the food cupboard and he scampered away!  In any case, Chomy is more into robin-hunting at the moment, so we resorted to buying a mouse-trap. 

The weather has been mild for the past week and soon we’ll be able to start prepping the veggie plot which has been severely neglected. Roll on the end of March.


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