Another visit to Granger & Co

To those who know me, know that Bill Granger could do no wrong in my eyes.   He is, after all, my food guru.

Hubby and I went to Granger & Co for breakfast on Monday.  We’ve had breakfast and dinner there before.  I had a hankering for Bill’s ricotta hotcakes and Hubby didn’t need much convincing.   We got there for just after 9 am and managed to get a table.    We ordered a flat white, OJ, Earl Grey, ricotta hotcakes, coconut bread and bircher muesli.

Our drinks arrived 15 minutes later and 40 minutes later, we were still waiting for our food.  I looked around us and pretty much everyone seemed to be waiting for something or another.   There was clearly no one in charge.  The front of house person looked like he was hungover and the last place he wanted to be at was work.  The waiters/waitresses kept walking around but not really stopping to ask anyone if their food was ok or if they needed anything else. 

Our food finally arrived.  The bircher muesli was delicious as was the coconut bread (I’ve recreated both at home using Bill’s recipes and they were fab).   The hotcakes unfortunately tasted ‘eggy’, and that was Hubby’s choice of word, not mine.  If you’re familiar with this blog, you’d know that I have a difficult relationship with eggs.  However, I didn’t actually mind the eggy-ness, but what bothered me was the lumps of ricotta I found in the hotcakes.   I guess they didn’t bother mixing the batter through to clear any lumps out.  This, in my eyes, was unacceptable.  Not when you’re paying £10.50 for the dish.   I’ve made the hotcakes at home, and they are delicious so I was very disappointed to have to pay for sub-par ones at Bill’s.

It took us ages to get someone to bring us the bill (cheque, not the man).  And an even longer wait to pay.  But one look around and you could see most people were stressed out trying to get someone’s attention be it to order or pay. 

Bill,  I’m a big fan of your food.   However, it looks like I’ll be trying your recipes at home for the time being.  Can you please:

  • make sure you have someone to take charge when you’re not around.  Your front of house man wasn’t really up for the job on Monday
  • get your waiting staff to ask the customers if everything is ok.  Don’t ignore them for too long
  • why the long wait for food?
  • please  can you make sure the chef mixes the ricotta into the batter? No to lumpy hotcakes
  • please get someone to do a QC before food is allowed to leave the kitchen.  The table behind us as well as beside us sent their food back

A less than happy customer.


4 thoughts on “Another visit to Granger & Co

  1. Hello stranger! Yeesh, what a shemozzle of a breakfast. The waiting for drinks and food is bad enough (I hate waiting so long for breakfast that I have to leave some coffee to drink with it, but then end up drinking cold coffee just to get something in my belly) but it’s particularly bad when you have to practically tackle a waitstaff down to get them to take your money.

  2. Hi Conor, long time no speak. Nottinghill isn’t at our doorstep so by the time we got to the cafe, we were well and truly famished. Hopefully it was a one-off experience. I would hate to see them lose customers over this.

  3. i have eaten at bills many times had the ricotta hotcakes more times than i can count. the lumps of ricotta is how it is suppose to be. and i for one LOVE them like that.

    • Well I can’t match you on the ‘eaten more times that I can count’ – I’ve only had them 3 times. Absolutely disagree. Lumpy anything shouldn’t be allowed and it wasn’t palatable. Guy behind us sent his ricotta hotcakes back for the same reason. I guess you like it lumpy, but I sure don’t! 🙂

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