Parking in real life is scary

Although I passed my driving test 4 months ago, I haven’t driven all that much bar locally and usually with Hubby in tow.

I had to drive alone to the GP earlier this week and absolutely struggled with bay parking as the parking lot was busy.  I was stressed out by tailing cars and was running late for my appointment.  I ended up parking front first into a bay and then panicked over how to correct my atrocious parking.  I ended up asking a couple for help. 

Earlier this evening, we drove up to Domino’s for a take-away pizza.  It took me 3 attempts at parallel parking with the Hubby yelling in my ear.    I am struggling to visualise how each turn of the wheel changes the position of the car.  I’m not driving a tank by the way, it is a dinky little car. 

I am still hopeless at reversing.   Who drives a car backwards, anyway?  I drove the car into BP but all the kiosks were busy except for the one behind me.  Hubby got me to reverse which I did slowly but the car more or less did a zig zag.

 I haven’t driven on the motorway as I’m not comfortable driving over 50 mph.  Actually,  I’m still not comfortable driving over 30 mph!

Does parking get easier with practice?  I hope so.  Maybe I’ll just get Domino’s delivered to the house next time.


2 thoughts on “Parking in real life is scary

  1. Oh gosh, perhaps you need to go to a car park late at night and practice, with delicious cake to reward yourself with every time you succeed. You can take comfort in the fact you might be entertaining onlookers when you’re having a particularly tough time? 🙂

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