Mee Hoon Soup (rice noodles in a broth)

Our kitchen has seen very little action in a while.   A couple of weeks ago, we had chicken in ginger and soy practically every night for two weeks.  Then it was risotto for 2 weeks with the odd Domino’s pizza thrown in.  Last night I was reading a blog which reminded me that I had some homemade chicken stock in the freezer. 

I stopped by at the shops and bought rotisserie chicken, rice noodles and carrots.   I enhanced the stock with cinnamon sticks, star anise and some diced carrots for extra wholesome goodness (this sounds like an ad).  I soaked the rice noodles in hot water, shredded some chicken, fried some shallots and put together Mee Hoon Soup (rice noodles in a broth).  Obviously, I left out a lot of ingredients you would typically find in noodle soups – beansprouts, tofu, fishcakes, chinese leaves. 

However my taste buds have been rather fragile and I can only manage the simplest of food at the moment.

I won’t be having Mee Hoon Soup for the next two weeks.  Unfortunately, I’ve only enough stock for another serving tomorrow.    I’m feeling better after tonight’s meal, therefore that should be motivation enough to get me brewing more homemade stock. 


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