Lacking in baking posts but I can assure you, the oven’s been switched on….

The last bit of baking I did was a chocolate self-saucing pudding back in April.  I stopped baking soon after and everytime I logged onto my blog, the photo of that pudding got my stomach churning.  It still does, but to a lesser extent.

Our lives changed on the evening of 26 March.   We found out that our little family of two was to have a new addition.   It was the best news we’ve had in a long time and I cried buckets of tears (of joy).

We broke the news to our family recently once I crossed the 12-week milestone and we’re all looking forward to our bumper delivery in December.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky few who escaped morning sickness.  They should really re-name it all day sickness.  I was Queen Pukahontas from about 11th April (wk 6) until about a week ago (wk 13).   For about 3 weeks, (Hubby and) I survived on packet soup and bread.   I couldn’t stand the smell of cooked food so there was zilch cooking in our kitchen.   I’m rather petite to begin with and when I realised that I was losing weight, I decided that something had to be done and I was going to force feed myself if necessary.   I cooked chicken in ginger and soy pretty much every day for 2 weeks (wks 9 – 11) – although I wasn’t eating large portions, I took comfort in the fact that I was eating home-cooked food.  

Week 12,  I decided I was all chickened out, and switched to squash risotto.   Hubby and I took turns cooking and I have to say, his risotto is miles better.  We’ve also ordered in Domino’s pizza though I dare say I’ve gone off it due to the salt content.  Week 14, I made chicken noodle soup and that went down a treat. 

Years ago, Hubby and I joked that we’d probably name our kids after our favourite places.   So, I’ve been calling our little bump Sydney-bear.  

I’ve had two scans – one at 10 weeks and another at 12.  Sydney gave us a big wave at both scans and looked like it was chilling out on a hammock.  Atta baby! 7cm long at 12 weeks – our radiographer told us that we will be in for a shock at our 20 week scan as Sydney would have grown!   

Little Syd doesn’t have its mum’s palette for spicy food.  I have not regained my appetite since week 6 and this is about all I can eat right now without turning into Pukahontas.

  • Breakfast – Cornflakes, Special-K, white toast with peanut butter/butter/strawberry jam, a small portion of baked beans, fruit salad
  • Lunch – toasted cheese and tomato sandwich (going off it), miso soup, a bit of noodles
  • Dinner – rice noodles, squash risotto

I have gone off meat, fish and vegetables completely.   Fruit-wise, it’s only melons for now.  This baby doesn’t like chocolate or dessert all that much.   More for your Pappy, Sydney-bear! 🙂

I’m sure you can appreciate that the above limits any food-related blogging activities.  Gone are the days when I place Ocado orders or post weekly meal plans.  At least Hubby isn’t subjected to taste-testing my numerous experiments in the kitchen.

I haven’t been sleeping all that well since week 7.   I average 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily during the week, but make up for it with naps during the weekends.  A friend told me she went through a similar period, and it’s just your body preparing you with the many sleepless nights ahead.  Oh Sydney-bear, we hope you love your sleep,  sweetheart. 

Emotionally, I’ve had 1 big meltdown and 2 not-so-major ones.   I was to blame.   I’ve been in good-form otherwise.

So, how have our lives changed?  Hubby and I are obviously very excited about our pre-Christmas bundle.   Hubby caught the nesting bug early on and has been DIY-ing non-stop.   We’ll have to re-think the configurations of our living arrangements upstairs.   The garden is in full swing thanks to Hubby’s gardening efforts.   I’ve been getting the ‘hard-core’ early train to work in order to get a seat and have tried not to get stressed by work.  I’ve ordered a pregnancy work-out DVD which is in the post and look forward to getting back on my feet. 

It’s been a rough few weeks but I wear that badge with honour, Syndey-bear.  I couldn’t imagine a world without you, we can’t wait to meet you and we both love you very much.


3 thoughts on “Lacking in baking posts but I can assure you, the oven’s been switched on….

    • Tha k you Stav! Congratulations to you on the arrival of your little baby sister. We’ll try and visiti soon x

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