Week 16 – nipper update

Still not much luck updating this blog with food-related posts.  I am now 16 weeks into my pregnancy. 

Bump – rather pronounced now.  Nipper seems to have had a growth spurt in the last 10 days.   It is too early to feel flutters or movement, but I can’t wait.

Appetite – I only seem to eat breakfast for pleasure.  The guy at the till in my staff canteen wore an amused expression when he saw the amount of food I had on my tray.  I don’t seem to care much for lunch or dinner, but make a conscious effort to eat something. 

Cravings – I’ve taken a fancy to breakfast porridge and clementines.  

Health – someone hand me a pillow.  I seem to be travelling in slow motion and am constantly tired.  I had my 16 week midwife appointment earlier in the week and my bp was on the lower side of normal.  That night, we went to see Tom Baxter and it was standing room only.  He made me swoon. Literally.   Hubby picked me up from the floor and we left 3 songs in.  

Temperament – having had a busy weekend, this week has seen me feeling rather agitated and easily riled.  Which is why I will be indulging in a long siesta shortly.

I am eating out of necessity rather than for pleasure at the moment.  Not sure when the next meal will be chronicled, but I will keep the blog updated as best as I can.


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