Week 20 – nipper update

We’re halfway there! I awoke on Monday morning to find that my belly had popped out overnight, and was a kilo heavier on the scales.  Syd has definitely had a growth spurt!

The day that we were waiting for finally arrived and I had my 20 week scan on Tuesday.   Syd was lying head down, bum up, hard at work!

Our hearts were thumping hard when the radiographer checked Syd’s vital organs and we heaved a big sigh of relief when we were told baby was doing ok.  That’s my Syd! 

We’ve started redecorating our living quarters upstairs.  Your Pappy has been working very hard, Sydney.  We’re in the midst of removing very old wallpaper which came with the house, painting the staircase and also the fitted wardrobes.   Things are slowly coming together and I hope we’ll have everything ready for your arrival in December.

Appetite – still poor.   Home-cooked meals are the best and red meat is still a no-no.  I keep replenishing my stock of Rennie tablets which are essential to keep heartburn at bay.  We enjoy fruit and made our first dessert at home in a long time – mixed fruit crumble topped with oats.  Syd and I didn’t eat it all ourselves – we made sure to share with Pappy.

Health – I get tired in the afternoons/evenings.  I’m averaging 6 hours sleep every night which is good going.  Slightly sore back, a migraine that lasted 4 days – this is as bad as it’s been, thankfully.   My gums have been bleeding – my dentist told me that this is normal in pregnancy and is down to hormones (but not to use it as an excuse to stop flossing!)

Temperament – I get cranky when I’m tired, but I anticipate this and take myself to bed to give Hubby some peace and quiet.   There have been some meltdown moments but thankfully I’ve been able to move past them.

I’ve looked up NCT antenatal classes and there seem to be some sessions taking place close to home in the next few months which would work out perfectly for us.   We’re both very excited, but there’s still an underlying sense of apprehension, wishing for everything to be ok with our little baby. 

We love you Sydney bear.   Keep well and I can’t wait to feel your kicks xxx


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