A visit to the Eden Project, Cornwall

Whilst in Cornwall a few weeks ago, Hubby and I made a trip over to the Eden Project.  We availed of a 10% discount on tickets by booking online.  The venue hosts music gigs in the summer and we toyed with the idea of staying on for Noah and the Whale in the evening. 

Once we collected our tickets, we checked the site map to get our bearings.

The first stop was going to be the Mediterranean Biome.   We walked past engineers carrying out sounds checks ahead of the gig that evening and there were also several bands playing then as warm up for the main act.

Inside the Mediterranean Biome were plants a plenty to state the obvious – herb and vegetable gardens (rosemary, oregano, aubergine, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes), olive trees, grape vines, shrubs, sunflowers and my personal favourite – Bird of Paradise.

We sat down for a drink in the Biome to rest our feet and also to listen to a band play.   I didn’t get their name and it was more Hubby’s type of music which reminded me of a line from The Talented Mister Ripley – ‘insolent noise’.   It didn’t put me in the best of form as it wasn’t background music and I couldn’t get away from it to fully enjoy the plants.    Hubby was in his element though and I felt really bad for wrecking his buzz!

We decided to explore the Rainforest Biome – unfortunately it was far too hot and humid and we quickly made our exit.  The plants reminded me of the ones we saw at the Kew Gardens – where we had a similar experience with the humidity.

We got ourselves ice cream to help cool us down and whilst tucking into it heard a commotion from a group of girls.

 It was Noah, but there was no sign of the Whale!

 The weather which held up for the best part of the day started to give way and we made a bee line for the main cafe near the entrance for tea and scones (which were the best we had in Cornwall).  I was too famished and tired to take photos.   There was a garden shop where you could buy potted herbs and plants – we bought mint chocolate for our garden.  The visitors shop also sells potted plants where Hubby spotted Bird of Paradise in a pot! That came home with us along with black pepper and aubergine plants. 

There was a break in the weather and we pondered whether to get tickets for Noah and the Whale but we saw grey clouds rolling in and people arriving with raincoats for the open air gig.  Hubby, mindful that I had been on my feet all day decided that we’re better off to give the event a miss and head back to our cosy little cottage with dinner en-route.

I would love to go back to the Eden Project another day just to walk around and appreciate the flora without being distracted by the bands (unless it was Robin Thicke).   Still it was a good visit and I have my own Bird of Paradise plant for our garden.


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