Satay House, London

Nipper rarely craves food.   However, this week, I have been thinking about Yeo’s soy bean milk.   Due to the Olympics, I’ve been reluctant to do a detour from work.  However, yesterday evening, sat in front of the telly watching the swimming events, Hubby suggested we drive into the city to fulfil my thirst for said drink.

I picked Satay House, as it doesn’t entail driving into the heart of the city.  The restaurant is situation on Sale Place, just off Edgware Road.   We arrived at the restaurant at 8.45pm but the earliest we could secure a table was at 9.30pm.  We went for a walk and then stopped at a pub nearby for a drink to kill time.

We were seated by 9.25pm and having perused the menu at home, I knew what I wanted.  We ordered chicken satay, roti canai and nasi campur, teh tarik and air bandung (after all that, I couldn’t decide between this drink and soy bean)  I didn’t take any photos – it is a very cosy restaurant and I didn’t think it would have been appropriate.

Hubby and I shared all the dishes.   Air bandung is made from rosehip syrup, with a hint of pandan for fragrance and condensed milk.  It had the right level of sweetness and I have to say, I didn’t miss the soy bean drink all that much.  I didn’t ask Hubby about his teh tarik (pulled tea).

First up was the nasi campur, which loosely translates to mixed rice.  The dish comes with a portion of rice, stir-fried mix vegetables, chicken curry, fried dried fish, sambal belacan and slices of cucumber.  Hubby absolutely loved the chicken curry.  I felt very nostalgic tucking into the rice, veggies and sambal belacan.

The satay dish arrived next – 6 chicken skewers served with delicious peanut sauce, slices of cucumber, cubed-pressed rice and slices of red onions.  The chicken had a lovely charred taste but the portion could have been bigger.  Still, it was a wonderful dish and there was plenty of food on the table.

Finally, we were served the roti canai – flaky bread served with dalcha (a dhall/chicken curry as I know it).   We dipped the bread into both the chicken curry that came with the mixed rice dish and the dalcha.  It was heavenly.

As the kitchen was closing, we were asked during dinner if we fancied dessert.  We ordered pisang goreng (banana fritters) served with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup.  By now I had had far too much sambal belacan and my oesophagus was on fire (still, I would have had more!) and the dessert helped put some of the flames out.

My favourite Malaysian food has to be Malay and a tough tie between Chinese and Indian, and this meal certainly reminded me of good food had back home, especially when I was in college.

The service was good and we’ll definitely come back for another serving of the above dishes.  Now, I must track down Yeo’s soy bean milk.

Satay House is located at 13 Sale Place, London W1 1PX

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