Week 23 – nipper update

We are only weeks away from the end of our 2nd trimester.  Sydney Bear, I can’t believe how much and how quickly you’ve grown inside Mama’s tummy.  Your growth spurts happen overnight and have taken us all by surprise. 

Appetite – I’ve had some craving – Yeo’s soya bean drink, Cornetto Classico – I find these settle my heartburn.  I still prefer my food simple, although last night’s laksa was a break from the bland food I’ve been eating.  I popped a Rennie to sort out the heartburn. 

Temperament – I’ve had 2 days where I’ve been a bit down due to loss of energy, but plenty of good days.  Hubby was a right diva yesterday about my driving skills! 🙂

Health – I find little pockets of energy every now and again.  My ribs (right side) started hurting this week due to baby’s growth.  It isn’t persistent, but is sore.  

Decorating progress – We’ve made very good progress with the back room which is to be converted into our bedroom.  I’ve painted the built-in wardrobes and we’re hoping to move in today.  There is some decorating to be done in the room, but mostly cosmetic. 

Baby – My sweet little Syd, I love your kicks and somersaults. You’ve had a few quiet days which got Mama really worried – perhaps you were tired from your recent growth spurts?  You’ve been kicking at night just before bedtime, especially when Pappy has the music on.  We call it your bebe disco session.  Dance my little baby, dance.  Pappy’s music can be quite random – did I hear you say no Bob? (That’s Dylan and Marley, Hubby.  I think Norah’s in the mix too) 🙂  We’ve been singing to you (again, Pappy’s songs are random e.g. Stairway to Heaven) but hopefully you’ve been enjoying our silly songs.

We can’t say this enough, Syd, Mama and Pappy love you so much.  We hope you keep well and stay healthy.  xxx


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