Nipper update – week 26

Sydney bear – you are 26 weeks today!

This baby certainly feels big now and I feel it when I walk, sit and lie down.  Sydney’s grampies visited us for 10 days and it was a blast.  We went to Edinburgh, had a round of golf at St Andrews (I was able to walk with the golf party – how cool was that, Syd?), a fantastic trip on the Eurostar in Paris followed by lots of sightseeing.

Appetite – we enjoyed ice cream when the weather was hot, but no particular craving at the moment.

Temperament – I’m happy to say that I’m a fairly chilled-out pregnant Mama.  We have been rather sad for the last day or so as we’re all missing the grampies.   Hope they’ll come visit us next year, Syd.

Sleep – I average 6 to 7 hours sleep per night with loo breaks in between. 

The exciting news is that we’re hoping to start working on the nursery from this weekend onwards.  Mama and Pappy are really looking forward to kitting out your bedroom, little baby. 

We love you very much, as do your grampies, Sydney Bear.  Keep kicking and swimming in there.  Apparently you’ll be able to hear us very soon as the weeks progress.  Lots of hugs and kisses for now.  xxx


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