Nipper update – week 28

We are officially in our 3rd trimester today!  My colleague remarked at me yesterday that I looked ‘very pregnant’ with my protruding belly.  Apparently the honeymoon is over and the last trimester isn’t much fun.  I don’t subscribe to the norm, therefore I hope this last trimester is the best ever.

Appetite – not much improvement, really.  I enjoy my breakfast and lunch but am happy to keep it light for dinner.  Sydney bear really liked granola pots in the last week, but that’s come to an end now.  Spicy food is still off limits, and Rennie tablets are kept in constant supply.  I hope I rediscover my love for food once the baby is born.  Otherwise, this blog will have to come to an end as we’ve hit a dry where the cookbookworm’s chronicles are concerned.

Health – my blood pressure is low and it is affecting my energy level.  Yesterday evening, I told Hubby that I felt like I was one level removed from reality – not quite having an out of body experience, but felt like my feet weren’t touching the ground.  The weight of the baby bump is affecting my balance, so I need to make sure I take it easy when walking.  I bought Davina McCall’s pregnancy workout DVD and tried it out this week.  The stretching and toning exercises are good and I feel every move and motion. 

Temperament – I’m a happy, content Mama-to-be, but am starting to worry about labour.  I have been reading ‘What to expect when expecting’ and am now at the drugs for pain relief section.   No pain, no gain, right?

Nursery – I did have a meltdown moment 2 weekends ago thinking about the amount of stuff we had to clear out to make way for baby things.  We’ve now made a lot of progress and the nursery is under way. 

Baby movements – Syd has started poking me with baby limbs.  I think it’s the foot I feel on my tummy.  Is that possible? I feel Syd’s hiccups (which babies are meant to have now) and kicks which are more pronounced now, sometimes drawing an ouch from Mama.

We’ve 12 weeks to go, Sydney Bear.  We’re going to make our home nice and cosy for when you arrive, my darling baby.  As much as we can’t wait to see you, we do hope you stay in there as you’ve still lots of growing up to do in the next few weeks.    Keep well and both Mama and Papa love you very much. xxx


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