Garden update – September 2012

Hubby was bitten by the gardening bug this year and I was happy to hand over my collection of colourful gardening gloves.  He bought loads of pots,  plants, built sleepers and troughs and spent many weekends gardening away.  

Whilst our garden took on a neater look, we weren’t too lucky with produce due to the cold, wet and unseasonal weather we had until mid-July.   Thankfully, August was a lovely month and September hasn’t been too bad.   We have a good collection of tomato plants, some bought, some planted from seeds.  They have now started ripening, and we’ve been enjoying plum and cherry tomatoes in our salads.  See the photo below? Hubby built sleepers at the end of the garden.  We decided not to paint the fences on either side.

 Hubby’s prized herbs. Rosemary, parsley, thyme, mint, sage and dill.

We’ve harvested some lovely patty pans – seeds were from

We decided to plant most of the vegetables in pots this year as the slugs destroyed the plants in the veggie patch last summer.

Some lovely plum tomatoes to look forward to.

I can’t remember whether these are Beefsteak or Licatese tomatoes.  Either way, I can’t wait to tuck into them.

Are there any keen gardeners amongst the handful of readers who visit this blog? I’d be interested to know if you grow any veggies during the winter and how do you protect these lovely summer plants from dying.

A big thank you to Hubby for your gardening efforts this summer.  Who knows, maybe Syd might be blessed with green fingers like Pappy too.


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