Nipper update – Week 32

Sydney Bear – you are 32 weeks today!  How this little bump has grown from a tiny dot to a massive basketball in the space of 8 months is absolutely beyond me.

Health/Temperament – The 3rd trimester has me blubbing at the drop of a hat and given me a massive pain in the back from the weight of the bump.  I started pregnancy yoga and pilates last week and have found the classes extremely useful.  Yoga leaves me feeling very relaxed, in fact, almost stoned! With pilates, I’m slowly learning exercises which can help alleviate aches and pains especially on my back.  I’m just gutted that I didn’t start sooner than at week 31.  My energy levels vary from day to day. 

Appetite – pretty much the same as in the previous trimester.  I’m not a fan of meat or fish.  The blander the food, the better.  Heartburn is a permanent feature post snacks/meals.  I’ve been craving OJ for the past week – perhaps my body is low in Vitamin C.  In any case, we’re well stocked up on family packs of Tropicana smooth.

The Bump – Syd, you’re such a squirmy-wormy.   Space is obviously a precious commodity at the moment and you’re trying to find your comfy spots in Mama’s womb.  You give me plenty of pokes and jabs with your little limbs.  I still feel your little hiccups.   Hope they don’t leave you feeling uncomfortable, my little bear.   You kept me up for most of last night. I think you had a bit of growing to do before you reached your 32nd week.  The scales have shifted by a lb overnight!

The Nursery – we’re making good progress with your little bedroom Syd.  Pappy has spent many long hours plastering, filling gaps, sanding and painting the walls.  We have ordered a new carpet which will be fitted soon.  We know there’ll be plenty of spews and spillage, but we want the room to be warm and for you to have a soft landing once you’re on your Pampers-clad bum, finding your way around the room.  Pappy has a super steamer of a mop which can sort out any mess, so this is the least of our concerns.  Your bed and Moses basket are arriving this weekend too.  We still have things to buy in preparation for your arrival, so don’t turn up too soon.

 We love you very much Sydney Bear and can’t wait to meet you.  Keep well and we’ll see you in 8 weeks.

Love, Mama xxx



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