Nipper update – week 36

‘Your blog is dull’ was what Hubby said to me today.  I’m afraid the blog reflects how I feel these days – a rather big, dull tub of lard.  🙂

Little baby, you are 36 weeks now and boy have you popped out of your hiding place.  You put on a kilo overnight and Mama is struggling to carry all this extra weight.   We had a midwife appointment today and she still can’t figure out Sydney bear’s presentation in my womb, therefore I’m booked in for a scan next week.  This is where my plan for a natural birth may go out the window, but whatever’s good for baby is what I hope for in the end.

Sleep – virtually non-existent.  I start maternity leave tomorrow evening and am looking forward to short, day-time naps as sleep is very hard to come by at night.   The weight of the baby is affecting my lower back, and I can only lie comfortably on my left side for a short space of time.  Yoga is helping and a few girls in my class who are also late in their pregnancy are experiencing severe lower back discomfort.

False alarms – Braxton Hicks is a regular feature now, getting a little more intense and longer by the day.  I had a bad back which lasted a whole night on Sunday which entailed a hot shower at 3 am and a hunt for the hot water bottle to relieve some of the pain.  My hospital bag is almost packed, but I’m hoping to have a bit more time to go through my packing list.

Temperament – very soppy and sensitive.  Why oh why did they have to kill off McSteamy?!

Appetite – much better now, but portions have to be restricted due to lack of tummy space.  I am trying to eat as much home-cooked food as possible to keep heartburn at bay, and this seems to be doing the trick.   No particular cravings, but I am still enjoying Tropicana OJ and fresh fruit salads.

Nursery and baby things – we’ve bought most things and the nursery is in very good shape thanks to Hubby.  I’ve started washing the baby basics we bought over the last few weeks as advised by my midwife.

General thoughts – I am trying to remain calm at the prospects of labour and birth.  I can’t believe the little miracle we conceived 36 weeks ago, pregnancy being a rite of passage I never thought I’d be blessed to experience.  I am really looking forward to meeting my little baby, but am also tinged with some sadness that I will experience birth far away from my own family.   I looked into confinement i.e. post labour practice for a month or so observed by my asian family back home.  I decided against it as this is not something I think I can do without the presence and support from my family.  Instead, I’m going to rely on my instincts to nurture my post-labour body back to good health.

Sydney bear,  Mama and Papa really can’t wait to hold you in our arms.  We hope you’re as excited about meeting us as we are of you.   See you at the scan next week – we hope everything is alright with you, and that you’re getting ready to come meet us.

Love you, little bear. xxx


5 thoughts on “Nipper update – week 36

  1. I noticed this with my own blog! I looked back at my posts from when I was pregnant with #1……and I was freakin hilarious. But now…I’m just tired, and grumpy, and oh so willing to complain about everything. Here’s to being less dull and more on the funny side!

  2. The blog is just fine, Sydney bear would celebrating their first birthday before we were to get updates from hubby, and the updates would probably consist of “fine”.
    Hope ye are all doing well

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