Baby update – 6 weeks

Sydney and I are happy bunnies this week as we have Papa home with us for company.  Baby girl celebrated her first Christmas on Tuesday with us.   She received lots of gifts from thoughtful friends and family ranging from clothes to toys.   We tried dressing her up in several outfits – dresses mostly but she looked very uncomfortable so we put her in one of her regular sleepsuits, but added a festive hat to mark the occasion.


Syd turned 6 weeks old on Boxing Day.  The strangest thing happened.    She pretty much slept all day and when she wasn’t sleeping, she was feeding like the world was going to run out of milk!  I had my doubts whether she would sleep at night, but she did, thankfully.  Must have been a growth spurt.

Notable developments:

Recognition – baby girl has been making eye contact with the both of us, which is a big development from the previous weeks.   She has been smiling as well, but I reckon it’s not really aimed for us, rather, a reaction to something going through her little mind.

Feeding – she continues to have a good appetite.  I feed her myself during the day, and she is then bottle-fed at night which seems to work for her.

Growth – Hubby measured her yesterday – she is around 60cm long and her bigger baby grows (still 0-3 months ones) seem to fit better.   Her first GP appointment is in 2 weeks’ time when we’ll know what her weight is.

Sleep pattern – baby girl goes through a fussy period from 7pm to about 10pm.  She then sleeps and feeds on a 2 to 3 hour basis.  I hope she is beginning to tell night from day, but despite the shortest day behind us now, it is still dark and gloomy most days.

UPDATE:  The biggest milestone this week is that baby girl is now sleeping in her own room.  It wasn’t planned.  I was feeding her in her room when Hubby brought her moses basket upstairs (from the living room) and placed it on her cot.  She fell asleep after her feed, and we decided to put her in her moses basket and she slept for an hour or so.  That evening, we felt that the time was right to move her into her own room.  She has taken to it quite well!

General temperament – Syd is generally a content baby.   We give her loads of love and our time, adhering to the ‘fourth trimester’ theory per the Happiest Baby on the Block book.

We love you very much baby girl.  You’re the best present Santa brought us for Christmas.


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