Baby update – week 7

Sydney Bear, you turned 7 weeks old a few days ago.   We can hardly keep up with the daily changes you go through.   Your 0-3 months sleepsuits fit you so well now that I am thinking of ordering them in the next size up very soon.   Papa was home with us for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year, and you had so much fun with him.   We also squeezed in a visit to your friend Jemima who is only 7 weeks older than you.

Here is week 7’s progress:

Sleep – still no change to the previous week.  You sleep between midnight and 7am and wake up for feeds every 3 hours.   You catnap during the day, mostly in my arms and are not a fan of being put down to rest on your mat, bouncy chair or moses basket 🙂   We are still keeping up with your bedtime routine – bath and a feed from 7/7.30pm but you just don’t seem ready to call it a night until much later.  That’s ok, baby girl, in your own time.

Feed – you feed every hour on Mama from 8am to 6pm, and then you take 4 bottles of around 90ml each to about 6am the next day.  You let us know when you’re hungry, and we  do our best to keep your hunger at bay without making you wait too long.  You roughly weigh around 4kgs, but we’ll know more this week.

Temperament – you remain a content baby, although a bit clingy, so we don’t leave you alone for too long.

You are due your first set of vaccinations this week, Sydney Bear.  I hope you don’t find them too painful.

Keep well, my sweet bear.



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