Baby update – 3 months old

Happy 3 months old, Sydney Bear!  Today’s milestone is extra special as it is Valentine’s Day – you’re the best Valentine’s gift Mama and Papa could ever ask for.

You are officially out of your ‘Fourth Trimester‘ and are no longer a newborn.


In the last week, you have found your voice again and now engage in conversations with Mama and Papa.  If only we knew what you were saying, little bear.    ‘Aaaaahhhh …..uugghhhhhh’.  Rather strangely, you didn’t feel like feeding for almost a week.   We tried to give you small doses of milk on a regular basis, but you really weren’t all that hungry.

Last Friday, you had your  second lot of vaccinations, one on each thigh.  The needles looked painful and you cried after each shot.   You were fussy and ran a fever for 2 nights in a row.   We gave you lots of comforting cuddles, and a dose or two of Calpol, but it took you a few days to get back to your normal, happy self.


Mama took you for your weigh- in this week.  Unfortunately, you’re still in the lower percentile so we’ll have to go back in 2 weeks’ time for another weigh- in.   You are just a tiny little bear.  Someone has to be small, and I guess it’s you.  So long as you’re happy, content and feed when you’re hungry, then there is no need for concern.

Before you were born, Mama bought you the complete Beatrix Potter stories.  We started reading The Tailor of Gloucester and you listened intently, wearing an amused expression.  I wonder if you’ll share Mama’s love of reading, or have a keen interest in music like Papa, or maybe find your own groove.

You have 2 to 3 naps during the day and feel ready to call it a night between 7.45pm and 8.30pm.   Ewan the Dream Sheep helps lull you to sleep, but more often than not, you manage pretty well to soothe yourself to sleep.  Papa wakes you up around 11.30pm for your dream feed, after which, you go back to sleep until around 3.30am.   Another feed sends you to sleep until I wake you up for your first feed of the day at 7.30am.

The one thing we’ve learnt is not to take anything for granted, so we know to expect that you may decide to change your sleep pattern sometime.

Baby girl, happy 3 months.  We hope you continue to grow well and be happy.  Love you Sydney Bear. xxx



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