Baby update – week 13/14

The little bear is no longer a newborn.   One thing I noticed from the early weeks is your personality, baby girl.  Once, at 4am, you tried to tell me that you were full.  I didn’t listen.  We both ended up wearing your milk!  You are your very own person and I now make it a point to listen to you.   I read this phrase sometime ago and committed it to memory.  You have to listen to the little things they (the children) say, so that they will tell you the big things.

Sydney Bear, you are ‘talking’ now.   When Papa comes home from work, your face brightens up with the biggest smile and you open your little mouth and part with the cutest cooing.   I wonder if you tell Papa about your day, or perhaps you ask him about his.  We try to mimic your cooing and sometimes end up with a two-way ‘conversation’.   Mama and Papa are absolutely smitten by you, baby girl.


You had a series of visitors recently.   Your godparents flew in for the day from Belfast to see you.  They thought you were the sweetest baby.    Auntie E and Uncle C brought you a lovely collection of bible stories and a pretty outfit for the summer.   You were as good as gold for all of us, allowing us to catch up on news and didn’t fuss for attention at all.   Mama’s friend from Malta, Aunty Y was in London for a long weekend and also popped in to see you, bringing you another lovely summer dress.   Last weekend, your little friend Jemima and her parents from the Wholefood Harmony came to visit.  You had a lovely play date with Jemima whilst the parents tucked into a home-cooked lunch.   We let our food go cold though as we couldn’t take our eyes off the two cute babies on the play mat.

You are still a very petite baby.   If the weather holds up, we might try and get to your weigh-in this week.  You continue to feed well, albeit with a small appetite.   However, we know you’re well because you remain alert, active, happy and healthy.


We love you very much, baby girl.   Happy 14 weeks xxx


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