Baby update – week 15

Sydney Bear, you turned 15 weeks old recently.   We took you on an epic trip to Ireland, which entailed a 500 mile return journey by road, and a 2 hour ferry crossing each way between Holyhead and Dublin! Mama spent a whole week making lists to make sure we brought everything in the car for you.  You were a good traveller.  You slept in the car and woke up for the ferry crossing where both Mama and Papa kept you entertained.


Whilst in Dublin, you met your Uncle E, Papa’s brother, who brought you a lovely doll who we now call Pippa.


You were as good as gold throughout the trip, but the long journey gave you painful wind and affected your sleep and appetite.

You slept in a big travel cot which gave you a lot more room to move about than your moses basket at home.   We discovered one morning that you had turned 90 degrees in the cot!  You get plenty of play time on your mat at home but Mama had never seen you move around so this was a first.  Oh baby girl, you really are growing up, aren’t you?

Once we got back home, Mama started you back onto your regular routine.  You protested about bedtime on the first night, but settled back easily enough the next night.

You may be teething again the last day or so.  Your cheeks are flushed, you are drooling and are constantly chewing your hands.

The other big development this week is that you are ‘noisier’ than ever.  Babble Babble Babble.  I wish I know what you are saying, but I don’t so I just babble right back at you, drawing giggles from you.  Do I sound silly, little bear?

If you’re up for it, baby girl, we may start going to Rhyme Time and Parent-Baby coffee mornings soon.

Dear Sydney Bear, we love you very much and thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives.


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