Oats and vanilla shortbread

I set out to eat healthier this week.   For the first part of the day, I chose fruit and yoghurt over biscuits.  However, fruit in the afternoon with a cup of tea just doesn’t work.   Hubby bought (me) Rachel Allen’s Bake cookbook a few weeks ago.  With the addition of our new family member, I’ve been struggling to find the time or the inclination to bake, especially during the week.   Unfortunately, all that’s left in the biscuit tin is crumbs.

I found a simple recipe for Oats and vanilla shortbread in the book.  I decided to cut the recipe in half, not that it meant half the time.  I had to stop a few times whilst baking to pacify a very grouchy bear who has been teething for the past week.

The biscuits almost never made it to the oven.  The dough itself was so tasty, I couldn’t help snacking.

This recipe is a keeper.  A lovely aroma of warm sugar and vanilla lingered long after the biscuits were baked.




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