Baby update – 4 months old

Dear baby girl, happy 4 months old!


You have grown so much in the last two weeks.   Your lovely 0-3 months outfits no longer fit you.   Mama bought you baby grows and leggings in the next size up over the weekend.  They seem to float on you for now, but I know it won’t be long before they fit you snugly.

At the start of this month, you joined Papa and Mama for a road trip to Ireland where you met your Uncle E and young friend Stavros and his little sister for the first time.   We drove from England, through Wales and crossed the Irish Sea on the ferry, and then back.   Now that this trip is over, we may look to plan other road trips – perhaps one across to France?

You slept in a travel cot which was provided by the hotel we stayed in during the trip, and when we came back home we decided that you were ready to move out of your moses basket and into your own bed.  You have taken to sleeping in your cotbed really well.  The bed seems rather big for you, so Papa rolled up one of your blankets into a log and placed it vertically on your bed to give you a headboard closer to your head.

Last Sunday was Mama’s first Mothers Day.   You enlisted Papa’s help in writing me a lovely card.  As a special gift, you and Papa are planning on treating Mama to a spa.


You had one last surprise for Mama.  The night before Mothers Day, I gave you your usual night feed at 11.30pm.  I prepared a bottle for your 4.30am feed before going to bed.   The next morning, Mama woke up at 7am and you were still asleep!  You slept through the night for the first time, baby girl.  Mama and Papa are so proud of you.

To celebrate Mothers Day, we drove to Greenwich for the day.  It was rather cold and blustery, perhaps not the best weather for a day out but we made the best of it.   Here’s a photo of you with the Cutty Sark in the background.


We have noticed that your grip is getting stronger and you now hold on to Mama’s cardigan, your dolly Pippa and your blanket.   Your godparents gave you a little cloth book called Faces, which has a little mirror (don’t worry, it’s not made of glass) on its front.   You recently discovered your reflection in it and stared at yourself in amazement.

IMG_3816You are teething again this week, baby girl.   Your gums are hurting and you are not quite running a fever, but almost there.  We are going through an average of 10 nappies a day.  Yesterday, when changing you, I found your little bum covered in nappy rash!  Mama and Papa really wish you better soon.

Thankfully, you have regained your appetite since our road trip.  Now that you are sleeping through the night, Mama has increased your daytime feed to make up for skipping your 4.30am bottle.

Mama and Papa both love your little chuckles.   You like listening to Mama sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm – I’ve run out of animals, darling!  You love it when Papa claps his hands for you.

We try to listen to you, baby girl.  We hope you are happy.  Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.  Happy 1/3 birthday to you.  Xxx

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