Easy lamb curry

Whilst baking cookies and tarts and granola bars has been exciting, I have to say it probably is time to observe some healthy eating over the course of the next few weeks.  I gained only a baby bump when pregnant, and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight as soon as the bub was born.  However, 4 months into maternity leave, the weight is threatening to pile on again.

Bill Granger’s Bills Basics has been my go-to cookbook the past few days.  I had diced lamb in the freezer and wanted to make a light curry for dinner tonight.  Bill’s Lamb and Yoghurt curry came to the rescue.   When I tasted the curry prior to adding the yoghurt, it tasted a bit tart for my liking (I struggle with tomato-based sauces sometimes).  I knew adding yoghurt would increase the tartness.  Instead, I added some coconut milk (only 2 tbsp) which was more to my liking.   I left out the sugar and lime juice as per the original recipe.

My, oh, my, what a lovely curry, served with brown basmati rice, and raita (fat-free yoghurt, diced cucumber, chopped coriander).



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