Baby update – week 17/18

Dear baby girl, you are now 4.5 months old.   This is a very special month for us, for on this day last year, Mama found out that you were conceived.    I remember shaking like a leaf, willing the test to show a positive sign, and afterwards cried buckets of tears of joy whilst hugging Papa.  You are a gift, baby girl, a precious one.


You have continued teething for the past two weeks, with flushed cheeks, slight temperature and unfortunately at least 10 nappy changes a day.  We went through three days of nappy rash until we realised Metanium cream solved the problem.  You poor little thing.   But once you have your teeth, you will be able to eat all the yummy things which Mama cooks, and go on food adventures.  All good things ahead of you, sweetheart.

Last week, Mama took you to the GP for your 16-week booster shots entailing three needles.  Two on one thigh, and one on the other.   Mama gave you a dose of Calpol as soon as we got home, and for the next two days gave you extra cuddles to help you cope with the side effects of the injections.   Thankfully, the next set of shots won’t be for another few months.


Last weekend, we had back to back visits from friends and their babies.   We cooked up a storm, laughed, exchanged baby stories and promised to catch up very soon.   Our friends came bearing thoughtful gifts for you, Sydney Bear – lovely outfits and keepsake boxes.

This weekend was exceptionally cold.   However, after being confined indoors for a week, Mama decided that we were in need of fresh air.  We wrapped you up in your polar bear suit, packed up your bottles for your afternoon feeds and off we went to the Old Spitalfields Market.   You were so good for Mama and Papa.  You slept in the car on the way over and back.  You waited patiently for us to finish our lunch at Wagamama.   You needed changing only once, which Mama did in the car!  Baby girl, you are fast becoming quite the traveller and long may it last.

You are still sleeping through the night after your 11 pm feed.   You sometimes need some encouragement to have naps during the day, be it in your Baby Bjorn chair, play mat or bed.


Baby girl, you are growing stronger by the day.  You now lift your head steadily when placed on your tummy.  Changing mat-time spells fun for you.   You give us your best Kung-fu Panda moves, your limbs mimic marching motions and your babbling goes up a notch.


Your favourite song at the moment is Old MacDonald.   It brings a smile to your face and it calms you down.  Mama sang it to you to distract you whilst you were getting your booster shots last week, and again in the car earlier to calm you down when you decided that you had had enough of being confined to the car seat.

Mama thinks we should stop watching Eastenders on telly (I don’t even know I got started!).  Last week, when I asked you to give me your best pose, this is what I got:


Hahahahaha! We call this your Gangsta baby pose.  Oh dear.

Mama accidentally dropped the lid on the floor last week, and it sent you wailing.   When our friends were visiting, we all laughed out loud at a joke, and that made you cry too.  We’re beginning to realise that you startle very easily and are not a fan of loud noises.

Baby girl, you are going to be 5 months old in a few weeks’ time.  Time is ticking by very quickly and we are trying to savour every moment that we have with you.

Keep well, happy and healthy.   All our love. xxx



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