Cocoa brownies

Chocolates don’t keep for long in our fridge/pantry.   Whilst I don’t have an overly sweet-tooth, I am married to a choco-monster, and a good looking one at that 🙂

I did, however, have some Green & Black’s cocoa powder which needed using up.  I found a simple recipe for Cocoa Brownies by Smitten Kitchen, waited until it was time for the bear’s afternoon nap, and got baking before she woke up again.

I substituted caster sugar with Demerara sugar as that was all I had.  The brownies turned out really well, chewy and moist.  I heeded SK’s advice on leaving the brownies to set in the fridge, and they were much easier to cut and held their shape.  They are fabulous with tea/coffee but I can’t wait to serve them warm with vanilla ice cream for that extra treat.



3 thoughts on “Cocoa brownies

    • Thank you! This is my first attempt at an SK recipe, and am pleased the brownies turned out great. Looking forward to trying other SK recipes.

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