Baby update – week 19/20

Baby girl,  you are so very close to turning 5 months old.

You greet us with a shy smile every morning when one of us comes to take you out of bed.   A quick nappy change, followed by your morning feed with John Mayer singing in the background is how we start our day.   By 8 a.m., we move on downstairs to the living room where we catch up on news via BBC and Bloomberg.  Perhaps your first word will be FTSE!  You are ready for your first nap by 9 a.m., and Mama seizes the opportunity by hitting the cross trainer.  You wake up in time for your 10 a.m. feed, after which we head back downstairs to the living room to play/read/watch telly.  You have your next nap around mid-day, and Mama whips up a quick (but healthy) lunch and as I tuck into my last mouthful, your cries nudge me out of a quiet indulgence.  Your lunch-time feed follows soon after, and we spend the afternoon cuddled up on the sofa or on your play-mat.  Another nap around 3 p.m., feed at 4 p.m., bath at 6 p.m., feed at 7 p.m. and night-night by 7.30 p.m.  Our days together seem to be going by in a blink.


In the last two weeks, you have learnt to roll over from your belly to your back, and vice versa!  You have strong head control when on your tummy, and I feel like all these changes have happened literally in the space of weeks.


You celebrated your first Easter with a little Hello Kitty Easter Egg and in a cute outfit gifted by one of our friends.    (Sorry you’re a bit too young for chocolates.  We ate your egg for you).


We took you shopping to Bicester Village on Easter Sunday.  We timed the journey well so that you’d sleep during the one-hour drive, and arrive there in time for your 1 p.m. feed.  Papa looked after you whilst Mama shopped, then we met for coffee and sandwiches.  We decided to leave just after 3 p.m. and you napped on the way home.  We arrived back in time for your 4 p.m. feed.   Mama has realised that you sleep much better at night if you don’t miss any of your naps and finish all your feeds so I’ve become a stickler for routine.

We went for your weigh-in last Wednesday and you now weigh 5.15 kgs which is a slight dip from the second percentile.  I attribute this to the recent teething episode where we went through 10 nappy changes per day for two weeks.  I think your gums are still bothering you as you are constantly chewing on your bottom lip, and you weren’t in great form today.


You poor sweetheart.

Yesterday, we took you out for tea and scones.  You let us dress you up in your convict outfit and take cute photos of you whilst we waited for our food.


Alas, the wait was too long for you, and so you fell asleep in Papa’s arms.


We enjoy being out with you, baby girl.  Everyone keeps saying it won’t be long before you become a handful and less sociable.   Papa thinks you like going out with us too, recognising that a trip is in store whenever we put you in your polar bear suit.  Long may it last.

You are still fascinated by your fists, kick-out like the Kung Fu panda that you are, babble at the top of your longs, grab your dolly Pippa, the stuffed caterpillar as well as Mama’s hair.  You hate loud noises, your lower lip quivers whenever you’re upset, you still love Old MacDonald and Row-row-row your boat.


Little bear, know that we love and cherish every waking moment with you.  xxx


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