Baby update – 6 months old

Happy half-birthday, baby girl!  This time last year, Mama was only 11 weeks pregnant with you.  What a difference a year makes.    We have watched you grow from a tiny, precious little bundle weighing 2.7 kg to a bouncy 5.5 kg baby.  You are still on a low weight percentile, but you are happy, healthy and full of beans, and that’s all that matters.


You have now mastered the art of rolling over.    We decided to get you a play-pen so that you could play more securely in our living room.    Mama was consumed with guilt in the first few days after purchasing the play-pen as it felt as if you were confined to a prison.   However, you’ve taken to it very well, enjoying quiet time exploring your toys and sometimes a place to have a short nap.


We recently started attending a music class for 0-15 months old babies at our local children’s centre.  The class lasts for 30 minutes and you(Mama) get(s) to play with tambourines, rattles, ribbon-tassels and also dance and sing along to songs.   We’ve made some friends at the class and we both look forward to seeing them on Mondays.   Your favourite songs are The Wheels on the Bus, The Grand Old Duke of York and Hokey Pokey.

A few weeks ago, we met up with our friends from the Wholefood Harmony, with their gorgeous baby J in tow.  After a lovely afternoon tea followed by a walk in Parliament Hill, we reluctantly bade farewell, but not before having an impromptu sing-song on the pavement close to where our cars were parked!

Last week, we were invited to Mama’s friend J’s home for lunch.   Her two year old daughter, C took you under her wings and you in turn took a shine to her.  It was lovely to watch you both play.  A future play-date is definitely on the cards.

We were blessed with warm sunshine for a few days at the start of the month and made the most of it by spending time in the park.   For a few glorious days, you were dressed in light summer clothes – short-sleeved body suits, leggings and we made sure to get a wear or two out of your convict outfit.

Over the May bank holiday weekend, you discovered your feet!   Though they don’t seem to fascinate you as much as your hands.


The past week saw you catch your first cold.    It was inevitable given how much we’ve been out and about.

We have started thinking about weaning you in the next few weeks.   Highchair, poncho, Doidy cup have all been purchased.   Watch this space!

These are your notable progress at 6 months:

  • your size 3-6 clothes fit your well
  • we’ve moved you up to size 3 pampers, but you could comfortably wear size 2
  • you continue to nap and sleep well, though sometimes need a quick cuddle/reassurance
  • still no sign of pearly whites
  • Mama does very simple baby signs with you – Mama, Papa, sleep, drink, milk
  • you weigh 5.5 kg
  • you drink 27 oz Aptimil daily (7.30am/10am/1pm/4pm/7pm/11.30pm)
  • you can sit up, aided but not by yourself, yet

Sydney Bear, thank you for being a wonderful baby.   Life with you for the past 6 months have been simply wonderful.  Mama and Papa love you very much.  xxx



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