Baby Led Weaning (BLW) – the preparation

We crossed a big milestone yesterday.  The bear turned 6 months old.

The one thought which has occupied my mind for the past few weeks is weaning.   I first heard about Baby Led Weaning through blogs.  None of my friends have gone down this route, purées being the preferred method.  I weighed both options and after reading up on BLW, followed by lengthy discussions with Hubby, decided that we’d let the bear lead.

I don’t think the bear is fully ready for solids.  She has yet to show real interest in our meals – I do have my breakfast and lunch in her presence daily and I’ve been watching her reaction, or lack thereof.

However, in preparation for weaning, I spent hours researching highchairs suitable for BLW.   I am a fan of BabyBjorn products but their highchairs don’t come cheap.  I was put off by their low-rimmed tray.  BLW is meant to be messy, but without rims, the food has no chance of remaining on the tray for long.  The lower end of the cost spectrum was IKEA.  Plastic chair that can be hosed down if needs be.  The con – static legs.  I preferred a fold-able chair.  However, Hubby assured me that we did have space in the kitchen/dining room and £16 wasn’t too big a deal if it didn’t work out in the long run.    So off we went to IKEA last week and bought the chair-tray set, plus a kiddie placement (as it looked cute), inflatable cushion/padding for the chair (a must for our petite bub) and some washcloths.

I also ordered a poncho-type plastic bib for the bear.  She has cotton ones which I will get her to wear underneath her poncho.

BLW tools:

  • IKEA Antilop highchair
  • inflatable cushion/padding
  • water-proof bib/poncho
  • washcloths
  • Dettol wipes

Wish us luck.


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