Baby Led Weaning – Day 1

When I woke up this morning, I wondered if, at the age of 26 weeks (well, 23 if you consider the fact that she was born 3 weeks early), Sydney Bear was ready for her first taste of solid food.

The BLW book explains that at first, babies are unable to make the association between food and satisfying their hunger.   Food in the first few weeks entails discovery of texture and taste and is predominantly play-related.

I decided that today was as good as any to get the ball rolling.   I peeled a carrot and cut it up into sticks (about 1.5″ long, 2cm wide) and parboiled them for 7 to 8 minutes.  I drained them and left them to cool down.


Once the bear awoke from her nap, she was ready for her milk.  She drank it all, and I left it for 30 minutes before whisking her into the dining room and sat her in her highchair.   Poncho on, sleeves rolled up, I placed three carrot sticks on her tray and left her to it.


It took the bear around 15 minutes before she paid the carrot sticks any attention and slowly picked one up with her right hand before dropping it onto her lap.  She then lost interest and started chewing her hand.


The bear started watching me whilst I tucked into my jacket potato, beans and salad lunch.  I broke the BLW rule and offered her a bit of potato by placing it near her mouth.  She opened her mouth and took the potato, which was soft and mushy, tasted it and gave me a smile.

A further 10 minutes later, another carrot stick ends up on the floor via her lap.  Again, I broke rules and offered her a crushed baked bean which she took with her mouth, but didn’t like it.  She didn’t know what to do with it, and ended up gagging, and this is where my heart ended up in my mouth!  She worked out what to do, and ended up spitting it out along with her lunch-time milk, putting paid to today’s BLW efforts.

We had to start somewhere.   Points to note:

  • No pressure on the bear.  She’ll get her sustenance from her milk-feeds for now
  • No feeding by Mama.  Bear will taste in her own time by her own efforts

More carrots for tomorrow, baby girl!


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