Light scones

The days of lingering over afternoon tea are on temporary halt (give or take 5 years) at the moment.   I do miss a good scone, topped with strawberry conserve and clotted cream, washed down with a lovely brew of Earl Grey.

Well, if I can’t get to the scones, then scones must come to me.   Armed with Rachel Allen’s recipe for light scones from her book ‘Bake’, I set myself the task of making them earlier this afternoon.   The original recipe made 10-12 scones, large ones I’m guessing.  I halved the recipe, omitted the egg and used a small cookie cutter (2″ in diameter) which yielded 8 medium scones.  Just the perfect size.    I meant to add sultanas, but was on a mission to get the scones done before the bear kicked up a fuss for having left her in her highchair for too long, and completely forgot about them!

I’ve seen Rachel make these in one of her cookery shows.   She formed a claw with her hand and quickly mixed the dough so as not to work the gluten.  Good tip as the scones were absolutely light.  Time to put the kettle on.



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