Baby update – week 28

Dear Sydney Bear, you are 28 weeks old today.    We were meant to go for your weigh-in, but it’s been raining all day.  It’s cosier indoors, and we’ve had loads of cuddles instead.

Last Sunday at Mass, Mama noticed that your lower lip was bleeding.  We think that you are definitely cutting your first tooth and you must have accidentally bitten your lip.   You weren’t fazed by it, thankfully.

This is your new favourite sleeping position – head down, bum up and legs crossed.   We’re very hesitant to leave you sleeping on your tummy and often flip you over to your back.    Thankfully,  you are still sleeping well which means both Mama and Papa get our beauty sleep too.


When you were only a week old or so, Mama’s friend, Aunty E told me that it won’t be long before we fall into a routine and be able to go places with you.    We’re not talking big trips, but merely getting on with our day.   In the last few weeks, we’ve been to a French Market in a nearby town, many trips to the garden centre, lunch at our local Italian, trips into London, coffees at our local Starbucks and even an early dinner last Friday.   You’ve become Papa’s little joey, and travel well in the Baby Bjorn.


We started you off on Baby Led Weaning after your half birthday, but you really haven’t shown any interest in food, so we’re going to let you lead when you’re ready.   So far, Mama has given you a taste of yoghurt (yum), clementine (yuck), strawberries (yuck), Jersey Royals (yum – made Papa a happy man).   Mama doesn’t want to rush you into it (or anything, for that matter) as you are still unable to sit by yourself.  You are happiest on your tummy, rolling back and forth but that’s where we’re at for now.


We’ve had a few more visits from friends and Mama’s work colleagues in the last two weeks.   You’re always on your best behaviour for your guests, winning them over with your sweet smiles and cute babbles.

I don’t have a photo of this yet, but you’ve just discovered your tongue.  You smile or laugh at us and stick your tongue out!  You’ve also started noticing Mama’s phone and the TV remote controls.  You’ve started pushing the buttons and touching the screen.  It won’t be long before you’re dialling Papa’s number to say hello!

Baby girl, it’s a shame you won’t remember the time we have now, just you and Mama at home.  We sing, make up stories, laugh, do funny dances, have lots of cuddles and kisses.  I hope you’ll read this someday and know how much you’re loved.



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