I bought the River Cottage Handbook No.3 on Bread last year when I was pregnant.   After my attempt at baking sourdough, the book has remained untouched, bar the occasional wistful flick.   After throwing out a pack of bread flour that was out of date recently, I decided to make time to bake at least once a week.  Ambitious, but it’s time I started setting the bar higher.

Today, I bookmarked a recipe for Breadsticks in the aforementioned book and waited for the bear’s nap time.  The dough required proving for a few hours, and I finally put a batch of breadsticks in the oven at around 5.30 p.m. I decided to freeze half the dough to be used at the weekend, if not next week.

It was raining outside, otherwise I would have raided my herb box for rosemary, but said box was moved to the bottom of the garden last week when the pavement was being cleaned.  So, a quick dash to the nearest herb box yielded a handful of thyme.   I topped the breadsticks with thyme, Fleur de sel and pepper.   Sadly, I was also out of sesame seeds which would have made a crunchy topping.

Absolutely delicious breadsticks – crunchy, chewy and definitely more-ish!



2 thoughts on “Breadsticks

    • They are pretty handy books to have, but to be honest, there are so many good books out there at affordable prices, we’re spoilt for choice.

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