Baby update – 7 months

Dear baby girl,  you are 7 months old today.

This was your first ever photo moments after your birth.  See how tiny you were back then? 2.7 kg.   It took us 3 weeks to get you back to your birth weight. Photo0055

At your weigh-in last week, you were 6 kg, still on the 2nd weight percentile, but in Mama’s eyes, you are perfect.  After all, Mama is very petite, so it is no surprise that you take after my form.

We introduced you to Baby-Led-Weaning (BLW) when you turned 6 months old, but you weren’t really keen, barely showing much interest in our food and yours, and seemed content to drink your bottle.  My, what a difference a few weeks makes.  This week, you started munching on baby rice cakes.   Two nights ago, you grabbed a chip off Papa’s hand and sucked on it.   This morning, you grabbed the toast off Papa and proceeded to eat it, immensely enjoying the sweet cherry conserve!  A petite frame like Mama, and Papa’s sweet tooth, eh?

I decided to make hay while the sun shone and put you in your highchair during lunchtime, poncho on, and put the following on your tray – cucumber sticks, toast (size of 2 fingers) with guacamole spread and some baked potato bits.   You didn’t stand on ceremony and just tucked in!


I don’t think you ate much, but certainly exercised your grip, dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination.   I had to hose down your highchair on the patio!  Here’s to good food adventures ahead of us, Sydney Bear.

You now refuse to lie on your back, rendering nappy change a challenge! We went to a taster baby class last week, a music-sensory-massage-yoga class which required babies to be on their backs for much of the session.  All the other babies did, but you kept flipping to your front, protested at the top of your lungs and couldn’t wait to get out of class.  Needless to say, Mama didn’t sign you up for further lessons.   We’re going to keep going to the Monday music class at our local children’s centre.   There is constant music and it drowns out protests 🙂

We have been going to Mass every week.  You stay in the BabyBjorn and fall asleep as soon as the first hymn is sung.  However, if you become fussy, then Papa takes you out for a walk to calm you down.

You continue to sleep well, although Mama is sensing that your daytime nap patterns are changing.  As I’m typing this, you have decided to skip your mid-afternoon nap in favour of playing in your cot.   Which means you have been up for the past 4 hours.  I suspect our Friday-early evening date with Papa at Starbucks is going to be cut short.   Your favourite sleep-time position is on your knees, bum up.



You can’t sit up unaided yet, but manage fine on your highchair and on our lap.   After seeing how your interest in food only started closer to your 7 month mark,  Mama is inclined to think that having been born 3 weeks early, your key developmental milestones are T-3.   Take your time, baby girl.  We are definitely in no rush.

These are your 7 month progress notes:

  • Naps x3 a day, sleep 7pm to 7am with dream-feed at 11.30pm
  • Weight 6 kg, second percentile
  • Favourite pose – skydiver
  • Food intake – BLW introduced but milk is still your staple diet
  • Favourite storybook – Peter Rabbit
  • Favourite tune – Tequila (The Champs)

Your passport arrived in the post just this morning, Sydney Bear.  We are really excited at the idea of travelling to France in our little car (via the Channel Tunnel) or somewhere locally in England in the next few weeks.

We have our family coming over to see you soon, baby girl.  We can’t wait for you to meet them.


We love you very much, baby girl.   Keep well and healthy and God bless.  xxx

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