Baby update – 8 months

Happy 8 months, baby girl.   Where did the last month go?

On 22nd June, you were christened at our local parish church.  We spent a whole month beforehand getting the house organised, meals and drinks planned and of course, your gorgeous Baby Dior gown ordered.   Mama would like to keep your gown for your own children.  This special day brought everyone together, most of whom flew in merely a few hours before your christening, keeping both your Mama and Papa on our toes!   You didn’t cry at all when you had your hair wet, probably thanks to your daily hair wash. You were given a candle and a bib by the priest as a keepsake, along with many silver gifts from our guests.


You met Mama’s parents, Grandpa and Grandma for the first time and they were absolutely smitten by you.   The day couldn’t have gone any better with everyone arriving on time and we had food and drinks flowing all day long.   It took Mama 3 weeks to recover from all the cleaning and tidying up after but it was all worth it.

Last month saw us celebrate Fathers’ Day with Papa.    We had lunch at La Sophia in Notting Hill, followed by a mooch around Portobello Market.    It was your first trip to Notting Hill and you loved it, excited by the new sights and sounds.

Summer finally arrived here in London and we’ve been making the most of the weather.    We’ve been going on plenty of walks to our local village and park, and even managed a little picnic in the park last week.  Mama packed up your sippy cup, some boiled carrots and roasted courgettes and your favourite rice crackers.   Whilst you enjoyed them, you were also quite keen to have a taste of grass and leaves found near our picnic blanket!


We’ve been spending time on our deck area as well.   Your playpen is light enough and we’ve been setting it up just outside the kitchen for you to play in.   You can’t seem to get enough of fresh air.   Papa, without Mama’s knowledge, placed you on some cushions on one of our garden chairs and took some snapshots of you!  IMG_4671

You still refuse to sit up, preferring to lie down and move on your belly.   On 11th July, Mama excited sent Papa a text message ‘ We have a crawler!’  That’s right, you were on the living room floor and started crawling towards some toys, with tentative movements, which you have been practicing hard at since.


We are happy to report that you enjoy your food.  Basically, if it’s on our plate, you will want to have a taste.   We went to a vintage tea at one of our local parks recently.  It was a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon.  We were all dressed in shorts, T-shirts, flip flops and lathered in sun cream.    Two creams teas ordered and as soon as Mama placed the tray of food down on our picnic blanket, you made a grab for a scone, managed to break off a chunk, and swiftly placed it in your mouth, all in a blink of an eye.


You eat two meals a day – lunch at 12pm and dinner at 6pm.   Boiled carrots and broccoli, roasted courgettes, sweet potato and butternut squash, cauliflower soup, squash soup, sliced pears, Greek yoghurt – you eat them all.   Baby Led Weaning is going well.  You haven’t quite worked out that your purple feeding spoon is a vessel for food rather than an edible treat!

These are your key notes at 8 months:

  • you now weigh 6.44kg, and for the first time ever, slightly over the 2nd percentile
  • you continue to have 3 naps a day and sleep from 7pm to 7am with a dream feed at 11pm
  • we offer your 27oz Aptimil over the course of a day, but you don’t drink all of it.  You like drinking cooled boiled water from your sippy cup
  • you don’t have any visible teeth, but have been rather grouchy and chewing on your toys in the last week.   Your gums look more defined now
  • you can’t sit up unaided, have started crawling and now sleep on your side
  • you babble Bababababa, have strong lungs and don’t hesitate in letting us know when you’re cross!
  • you hate having your nappy changed, have very strong legs that kick the mattress to let Mama know you are awake
  • you no longer sit on our laps, preferring to explore on the floor
  • you make a grab for anything that takes your fancy – the remote controller, Mama’s laptop, mugs, plates, cutlery – rendering eating out an almost impossible feat these days.  I suspect we won’t be going out for another 5 years!

Sydney bear, I am amazed at how much you’ve grown and changed in the last few weeks.  You are much more active, know your mind even more than before and we’re starting to realise that you are growing out of your baby-phase.   I miss the cuddles I used to steal from you when you were content to sit/lie on my lap.  Feeding time is a luxury, as it is the only time I get to hold you for a few minutes before your wriggle out of my arms.

Happy 8 months, dear baby.   We love and cherish you so much.  xxx



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