A typical day

Inspired by Brittany Dixon’s recent post on Making the Most of Nap Time, I wanted to document my typical day at home with my now 8 month old baby girl, affectionately known as the bear.   Reading through her post, I was amazed by how much Brittany did during her daughter’s 2-hour nap period.  It spelled energy, motivation, selflessness and amazing organisational skills.   None of which are my best virtues these days.

6.30am – 8am

The bear acts as my alarm clock, but to be honest, I’m an early riser and have been known to nudge Hubby to get ready for work!  Back to the bear, she is fed and has a nappy change by 7.15am the latest.   After which, she and I head downstairs, turn on the telly and watch Bloomberg TV (no, really!) and we look out for Manus Cranny and Francine Lacqua.   The bear goes into her playpen, whilst I also switch on my laptop and quickly scan through my emails.  Hubby leaves for work by 7.45am.

8am – 9am

I have my breakfast in the living room whilst the bear plays in her playpen.  After which, I wash all her used milk bottles, and prepare the next feed.  The bear starts to get tired around 8.45am.  I take her crying as a cue and put her down for her first nap, which will hopefully last a full hour.

9am – 11am

I quickly have a shower and change into my gym gear (the shower warms me up!).  I work out at home between 45mins to an hour.  I have another quick shower and change just in time for the bear to wake up from her 1 hour nap.   The bear gets a bottle by 10.30am the latest.   We then head back downstairs and play.

11am – 1pm

I prepare lunch around 11am for us both (a jacket potato for me, some boiled and roasted vegetables for the bear).  I also put a wash on if it is laundry day and resume playing.   Sometimes, we walk to the village for a trip to Sainsbury’s or coffee at Starbucks.  We have lunch at 12pm which lasts around 30 minutes.  I make a bottle for the bear which she has at 1pm.   By this stage, she is usually tired, so I proceed to put her to bed for hopefully an hour.  Sometimes, slightly longer, but I don’t take it for granted.

1pm – 4pm

In the hour that the bear is asleep, I either do a few things (quick tidy-up, hang the washing, dishes, reply to emails, read blogs, test recipes), or nothing at all (i.e. watch telly).  No, I don’t feel guilty if the coffee table gathers dust and I don’t do anything about it.   Soon, I hear little strong legs kicking on the mattress, followed by wailing.  Alas, the hour is up and it is just after 2pm.   We sometimes head into the village for a walk if we don’t already do this in the morning.  Otherwise, we play in the living room.  Playtime involves reading, watching her baby signing DVD, me sitting with her in her playpen, or sitting on the floor encouraging her to crawl.   At 4pm, the bear has another bottle, after which, I look for signs of tiredness.  I put her down for a nap if she is tired, or we move on to the deck area to check on the plants and spend some time outdoors.

4pm – 7pm

Sometimes, following a nappy change, the bear has her bath around 5ish.  Otherwise, she has her dinner first at 6pm, followed by a bath.  Papa is home around 6.30pm at which point we tag, and the bear is officially handed over to him.  I say officially, but Mama still ends up looking after the bear and I prepare her 7pm bottle and put her to bed by 7.15pm.

7.30pm – 11.30pm

4 hours to myself, although it never feels that long.  Hubby and I have dinner together, and then we watch telly/catch up on emails/blogs etc.  I prepare her night bottle, and the bear is fed by one of us by 11.30pm.   Lights off then and we start with a similar routine the next day.


4 thoughts on “A typical day

  1. I think your day sounds jam packed and like you’re doing a pretty incredible job. Even a workout during nap time! That’s great. Honestly, I think it’s easier to have the large chunk of nap like we have now than when Hailey took 2-3 smaller naps a day. It’s hard to get started on something knowing you don’t have much time. Rock on, momma 🙂

  2. I love reading other people’s daily routines with their babies, especially when their babies are the same age as mine. So impressed you manage to get a work-out done during nap-time, I’m lucky if I get a washload done!

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